Recipe: Rice with quinoa & chicken plate

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You don’t have that much time to cook today and looking for inspiration? Then you’ve visited the right blog! Today an easy-peasy one-person-plate from rice with quinoa. You can make this plate with different ingredients but I chose to make it with chicken, paprika and some cheese.

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Warner Bros Studio Tour (London)

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 Ever since the first movie came out I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter. It’s a cliché, but I hoped to receive the letter of Hogwarts some day. Unfortunately we can’t be a part of this beautiful magical world, but because of the Warner Bros Studio Tour (in London) you can have a closer look.
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Recipe: Stuffed portobello mushrooms

It’s friday again (yeah), and that means; another delicious recipe online! Eating enough vegetables can be hard sometimes, and I hear that from a lot of people around me. This is not because they are ‘gross’, but only vegetables for diner… When I was at a friend’s house I got portobello mushroom’s for dinner. I thought it could use a little bit more taste (i’m sorry), so hereby my recipe: stuffed portobello mushroom’s.

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